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Did you hear a rumor that all TSR online staff can get into DarkCon for free?

Yes it is true... TSRO online staff get in free to DarkCon 6. Hey we even charge our own staff to come... but we think you guys deserve a break, and face it, you're a fun crowd. So...

Here's what you need to do to get a full fee waiver at the door:

1) You have to RSVP before October 2nd so we can tell people you will definitely be there.

2) We'll need a brief bio/about/information message that we can print in our pocket convention book. 50-100 words is great.

3) The contact info that you specifically want to list. If you have a web site, we want the URL. If you have an e-mail address that we can list, we'd like to print that too.

4) Tell us if there is anything you might like us to schedule you to do, so we can see about scheduling you. You will be expected to perform one basic duty, gaming. You can play whatever games are offered or bring your own. If you really want to run a specific RPGA round that we have listed on our web site, please let us know. Otherwise, since you came to play, we want you to play in games and mix in with the public. In the past our guests have volunteered to run seminars, and help hold our charity auction, but what we really want is for people to get to know you, and there is no better way to do that than to just play the games with them. DarkCon is not about special guests, it is about having fun.

RSVP here