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Dealer Space Information

Yes, DarkCon does offer space for dealers to sell their wares. Table space in the dealer area sells for $40 per 2.5' by 6' table. Each Dealer is also privided with two admissions for workers to use at the convention. Preregistration for additional workers is $10 each, and all admissions are $20 at the door for all three days.

Please be advised that DarkCon is primarily a game oriented convention, and that local dealers will be present selling the latest game stock from their shelves. In the interest of all parties involved, it makes no sense for everyone to be attempting to sell basically the same stuff. Therefore, we will be limiting the number of merchants that will be selling general gaming items like CCGs, RPGs, Dice, etc. If you have a specific item or service that you believe to be relatively unique, we would love to have you come and be a part of our con. If for some reason we find that we cannot grant you the space, your check will be returned.

To purchase space in the Dealer Room, please fill out and send in the following form to Brett Washam along with a check for the for the appropriate ammount made payable to DarkCon. Discounts and special considerations must be cleared with Brett prior to confirmation. She can be reached at (405) 917-5904 or e-mailed at .You can also contact DarkCon by e-mail, but your response may be considerably slower.

Dealer Information Form

Send check for full payment and this form to:

DarkCon 6
1810 N. Harrison #154
Shawnee, Oklahoma 74801

Personal and/or Company Name: _______________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________


Phone Contact: (______) ______-________ E-mail: _____________________

What unique product do you intend to sell? __________________________


Number of Tables Needed:________ (x $50): (Total) ____________________

Merchant Workers:

1) ______________________________________

2) ______________________________________

Please use Preregistration Form for additional workers, and send them with with your Dealer payment. This will help both you and us with any confusion at a later date.