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DarkCon Preregistration Form

For more information call: (405) 878-0865 or write to Dan Deasy, DarkCon Chair, 1810 N. Harrison #154, Shawnee, Oklahoma 74801 or e-mail DarkCon

Send to:

DarkCon 6
1810 N. Harrison #154
Shawnee, Oklahoma 74801




Phone_(____)______-__________ Age____________________

What is your intended status?

[ ] Attendee
General preregistration is $15 until 10/1/99, and $20 at the door. Daily rates are $10.

[ ] Staff
Staff preregistration is $10 for those officially working at the convention. Staff rate is the same as general ($20) at the door. You must be on the official roster of designated staff in order to preregister as staff.

Staff, please indicate the areas(s) in which you plan to work:


[ ] Merchant
Two merchant admissions are included with the price of dealer space (base $40 per table). Extra merchant workers can be preregistered for $10 each, just like volunteer staff. Merchant rate is the same as general ($20) at the door. Please phone Brett Washam (405) 917-5904 or e-mail her at for more specific information.

Method of Payment:____________________________________


Hotel room convention rates are $40 per night for 1-4 people, please tell them you are with DarkCon to receive the special rate. Hotel reservations must be made separately.