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Player of the Year Final Standings

DarkCon 4's POTY competition consisted of a 3 round RPGA™ AD&D® module titled "Thief of Dreams." Player character generation rules were posted in the DarkCon 4 convention book so players could construct their own PCs to use with this module. The characters of the top six ranked players have been transcribed for inclusion with this adventure as its permanent pregenerated PCs, for other conventions that may run it in the future.

POTY contestants were ranked by their peers using RPGA™ tournament ranking forms. POTY scores were based on the percentage of total points scored in a round. As posted in the program book, individual player scores were averaged for each contestant's best two rounds. The third score was retained for purposes of tie resolution. POTY Judges were also ranked in a similar manner.

[29 players and 5 judges began competition, with 23 players and 4 judges participating in two or more rounds and thus qualifying for competition rankings. Final player scores ranged from a high of 97% to a low of 35% with an average score for all ranked contestants of 67% (average of high and low scores is 66%). Final judge scores ranged from 97% to 77% with an average of 89% for all ranked judges (87% average of high and low).]

Not that that is all out of the way, here are the top 6 DarkCon 4 POTY winners:

Primary Cast in order of Rankings

Dudley Justice, Constable of the County of Urnst

Jeff Whitecotton

Torbin Oberdare

Dennis Williamson

Monty Burns

Robert Hobart


Rob Howell


Laurie Fox


Anthony Miller

Other Contestants in no Particular Order

Shane McKenna

Ashen LoDon Reese

Harley Cox

Darius Reese

Deana Covel

Shuza Reese

Chris Dukes


Chris McDowell


James Steel

Talos the Lucky

Tom Young


Jerry McCarley

Adam Trollsbane

Keith Powell

Morrolan Del Fey

Ben Carrington

Leonardo Reese

Jeff Blankenbiller

Soltar Reese

Reza Zeinalpour

Reza Reese

Bob Lauderdale

Fred Smith

Craig Watkins

Baldor Giants' Bane

Keith J. Weepie

Barnibus Rockmasher

Keri Robinson


Paul Sage

"the Cat"

Robert Burns

Horst Janson

Dan Deasy

Savor Darknight

Richard Bellotti

Fredrick Tipike

Brent Norton


Tony Marshal

Brent Buckman

Pete Dixon

Hoethe Haradiel


as himself


as someone else

As an added note: The most entertaining event of the entire Con was probably the final table of POTY competition that ran on Sunday Morning. It attracted spectators who sat and watched. Only 50% survived to the final encounter, but they all died laughing.